Funded Project Positions (Intelligent Machines Lab)

Research Associate (Computer Science)

Eligibilty Criteria

Must have a Master's Degree or equivalent degree awarded after sixteen years of education or an equivalent recognized degree from an institution or a University recognized by HEC. Applicants with a background in the field of Computer Science, Remote Sensing & Geospatial Sciences, and Data Analytics will be preferred.


One (01) or more years of research and/or development experience will be a plus. Candidates must have practical knowledge of Machine learning & Computer Vision and/or Remote Sensing & GIS. For Computer Vision, familiarity with one of the Deep Learning frameworks (Pytorch/Tensorflow/Keras) and OpenCV is preferred. For Remote Sensing and GIS, experience in GDAL/Rasterio/GeoPandas, QGIS / ArcGIS, and Google Earth Engine will be preferred. Candidates must have excellent report writing skills, communication skills, and fluency in English & Urdu.

Age Limit

45 years

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