Block Chain Lab - Deadline (04/12/2019)

Research Associate

Eligibilty Criteria

Must have Master’s Degree or an equivalent degree awarded after sixteen years of education in Computer Science/Information Technology/Software Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/Technology Management or an equivalent recognized degree from an institution or a University recognized by HEC. Applicants with eighteen years of education in formal or social sciences will be preferred.


Relevant experience with strong coding skills and good English writing skills from a reputed university or institution will be preferred.

Age Limit

45 years

Personal Info

Total Experience

Academics Information

Do you have a distinction / position in Undergraduate/Bachelor's (16 years of education)?

Do you have PMDC / PNC / PVMC / Engineers / Advocate / Pharmacy council registration number?

Maximum size of 3.0MB for a file.‏
Allowed Types : pdf, docx, doc
Note: Please do not upload any irrelevant photo.
Note: Please check appropriate box if you are applying against quota for

Have you ever been convicted from any court of law?

Do you have any relative already working in the Information Technology University?